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 שרלוטסוויל -  the University of Virginia - Charlottesville


 ביתם של המשפטנים מבית הפרקליט הצבאי הראשי  בארה"ב, המשמש להם בית הספר, הידוע בשם "jags", שבו כל עורכי הדין הצבאיים בצבא האמריקאי, לוקחים קורסים ספציפיים בתחום החוק הצבאי.

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 The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School () is located on the North Grounds at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia, adjoining, but distinct from, the University of Virginia School of Law. The Commandant of the Judge Advocate General's School is authorized by Congress to award a Master of Laws degree. The School is the only Federal institution to have American Bar Association accreditation as one of America's law schools. Judge Advocates from all five armed forces of the United States and international students attend the annual Judge Advocate Officer Graduate Course in which the Master's degree is awarded. The Legal Center and School also trains the Army's new Judge Advocates, provides continuing legal education for Judge Advocates and lawyers from throughout the United States Government, and trains the Army's paralegal noncommissioned officers and court reporters. The School trains those officers appointed military judges, irresepective of service. The Judge Advocate General's School began in World War II at the University of Michigan to train new judge advocates as the Judge Advocate General's Department rapidly expanded. It was disestablished for a time after the war but, after a short stay at Fort Myer in Arlington, Virginia, was reestablished at the University of Virginia in 1951.

 It is home to the Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School where all U.S. Army military lawyers, known as "JAGs", take courses specific to military law.


The Criminal Law Law Department - Link

The Criminal Law Law Department presents core instruction to the JAGC Officer Basic and Graduate Courses in diverse subjects such as evidence, crimes and defenses, self-incrimination, sixth amendment, discovery, jurisdiction, mental responsibility, pretrial restraint and speedy trial, search and seizure, capital litigation, pleas and pretrial agreements, improper relationships and fraternization, sentencing, unlawful command influence, professional responsibility, and post-trial procedures and appeals. The department also provides instruction to Reserve Component Judge Advocates attending the two-week in-resident Judge Advocate Officer Advanced Course (JAOAC), as senior officers attending the General Officer Legal Orientation (GOLO) and Senior Officer Legal Orientation (SOLO) Courses, as well as non-resident off-site instruction.

For Graduate Course students, electives build upon material covered in the core instruction; most core courses have a corresponding elective in which students can study topics in depth. The electives offered by the department include Analysis of the Military Justice System, Advanced Trial Advocacy, Ethics in Military Justice, Advanced Evidence, Advanced Substantive Criminal Law, Military Justice Management, and Recent Developments in Criminal Law. The department also advises Graduate Course students as they write scholarly papers and theses in topical areas.

The department holds multiple short courses on an annual basis, both at TJAGSA and at overseas locations. Current offerings include: New Developments in Criminal Law; Military Judge Course, Military Justice Management Course, and the Criminal Law Advocacy Course (two sessions). A parallel short course on new developments in criminal law and trial advocacy is held in USAREUR. Course allocations may be secured through your training manager, using the ATRRs System.

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